Monday, March 3, 2008

~my mother school~

Before i go complaining, i would like to introduce everyone t my ex-high school which is also my secondary school. SEKOLAH MENENGAH CHUNG HWA. Heard that my school had great changes after we left, we here means my badge. The changes that our 'dear' principalyou can get a full discription for the changes of my ex-school from michelle's.

I 100% agree with her..MICHELLE, you ROCKX!!!!

Mr Principal (Mr. C), i've already hated you, but why the hell do you want to make me hate you more?? You bring so many changes to the school, what is your point? what are your points???

I really sympathy with my junior. I understand their feelings. I hate you before, and i hate you more now.

Dear Mr. Principal, 'Get a straw, coz you SUCK!!!' (Cassandra juan, 2007).

I think you should change your ATTITUDE, don't be so rude to people, think of you make my blood pressure increase. Damn!


-kuanpeng- said...

oh yeah~!!
he sux he sux he sux...
in fact.. he was a shame~!!
Shame shame shame~!!
Haiz.. hope he faz faz retire then go shake leg at home d...

Good job sis~!!

kuanru said...

peng: ur mum had been nagging on me becz of this post..he is a nightmare to our school..hiak hiak..miss ya