Monday, March 10, 2008

~time to say goodbye~

When it comes to saying goodbye, i'm really very lame at it.

I hate to say goodbye..I know we will be meeting again..and very soon..but, i can't bare the atmopshere of leaving my love ones behind or watching my love ones leave..I know i have no choice, but to continue with my journey..

I admit that i'm weak..i admit that i cant control my emotions as well as others do..sometimes i tried to hold back my tears, but i can't..

i hate the feeling of missing someone..i miss you, i miss home..i miss everything that i love..

the stress that i'm facing now..its might ask, who doesn't?who doesn't have stress?who doesn't experience homesick?

i know, i know..but right now, i would really like to cuddle inside my bed, or have a simple dinner with Jay and my family...

Argh...hate this feelings!!!

Dear all, I want to hug you guys right this moment, at this second..I love you guys alot..till we meet again next time..:(

"when you're not here, something's missing, my smile.."

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