Thursday, April 24, 2008

~exam fever~

Take a break, have some Kit Kat!!

*fuh, i don't think Malaysia have these flavours of kitkat, do we?*

Have been flooding myself with endless cups of Nescafe to make myself awake, however, it fails. I think caffeine doesn't works on me :(

*The aroma is so, so, tempting*

Feel like indulging myself with this..
* Haagen Dazs: "Indulge yourself" *

My sis said that indulge yourself with this and your face will be rounder, but how can one resist it, right?
BUT... (Argh, there's always a but)

i'm running out of this...

*fuyuh, so colourful hor..*


I've better stop dreaming and better get my ass stick on the chair and eyes and mind on the mountain of text books. Just a short update to relax myself.
::kuanru:: signing off *2 down, 4 more to go*

p/s: you guys are loved..

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