Friday, June 20, 2008

~empty promises~

Too much of dissapointments. Dissapointments, dissapointments and more dissapointments.

Why can't i learn from mistakes?
Why can't i learn from the past?
Why can't i be strong?
Why can't my happiness last for more than two days?

Just when i started to think everything is getting fine, every good little thing is coming my way, it turns out to be that i'm wrong. Today is the day i'm looking forward to for almost a month or two, the day which suppose to full with joy and laughter, the day of love, but, in the end, it turn out to be full with sorrow, full with tears, full with dissapointments and heartache.

When will things get better, i wonder. I've no strength to move on. I'm too weak to accept more and more dissapointments. Please give me strength to move on.

::kuanru:: signing off *empty promises brings dissapointments*


TNH said...

Next time you try to think from negative then thing might happen positively..haha...just kidding

kuanru said...

i'll try my best to do what you told..:) thanks