Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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OK, time flies..can't they walk or run?? maybe it'll be slower?? This is my last week of holiday. Should i say YAY, or should i say HAIH...

Haven't finish watching Moonlight Resonance. I tell you, this drama is super-duper, very very good lor. Almost everyone is talking about this drama. I guess most of you have finished watching it. You know how famous this drama is? According to this pasar malam fella, who sold CD, he told me that, the CD was sold out once it was released. See? Baru satu hari CD dah habis jual. Apalaa...

My friend's CD was passed around until don't know where, for God's sake. I'm afraid that i might be finishing it very fast, so i purposely slow down my pace, which is why i'm now stuck at the 21st episode. Heehee...

He is one of my favourite actor
OK now, who don't know the one BELOW? He's Bosco. I don't know him much yet, because remember? i just watched until episode 21.

And this lady up here... She plays a cruel character this time. Was known as Hong Yi in this drama. She is so cruel until I feel like going into the screen and keeeeellll her. What's with the bob-at-the-side hair?argh..... But as an actor, she really is successful.

Gonna finish it before school reopen. Aza aza

::kuanru:: signing off

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-kuanpeng- said...

yay~!! go Bosco go Bosco!!!!