Monday, November 17, 2008

~ I'm Broke!! ~

I'm Broke!! I need money!! money, money, money, money..i don't care wether it's in Pound, USD, RM or whatever, as long as it's not for the dead, i'll accept. Argh.... I'm BROKE!!!

Even though i'm broke, i still went to Time Square. You see? Tight slap for myself. Thought of window shopping, and since it's a weekend, aren't we suppose to relief our whole week stress on weekend? Right? Tell me i'm right, please...

OK, here goes, when we wanted to head out from Time Square and plan to go to Bukit Bintang or Sungai Wang, suddenly......
There's this person shouted, "buy 1 free 1, just from 2pm till 10pm"! WTF!! Buy 1 free 1 had always caught my attention, no matter it's written or verbal, and somemore until 10pm leh. Finally, at the corners of my eyes, it's GIORDANO man... GIORDANO, one of my favourite brand. The shop was so pack. Buy 1 free 1 for all items. Wah.. It's buy 1 free 1, it's not FREE ok? Still have to pay ,ok?
well, we joined the crowd. But, at that moment, FYI, at that moment, i kept reminding myself, Window Shopping ok? No spending money.

But, but, there's this two shirts caught my attention.
Normal price: RM59
Normal Price: RM65
So, here comes the mathematics;
if i want to buy these two shirts which i like without discounts, it will be:
RM59 + RM65 =RM124
Ok, ehhem... over hundred.

But, during that time,
It will be:
RM59 + RM65 =RM124
RM124/2 = RM62

Wah...So much different loh...TCW (Typical Chinese Woman) hor me..Really what, no money, no talk; no money, no honey see..and somemore, i havent been visiting Giordano for, like one or two years see?? isnt that worth?

Ok,ok, lame excuses. But what to do? I've bought it. Ok, i'll eat lesser to cover the RM62..or, i'll study harder to earn back that 62 bucks. I felt so sorry for myself. It isn't Chinese New Year yet, but..ok, i'll only buy 2 new year dress next year. Wakaka...

And, and, I saw Skinny T for RM1099. Wah...Skinny T's on the highest rank in my wish list. Who can give me that, i'll love him or her for the rest of my life. Wakaka..

Anyway, anyway, I'm so pampered. Haha.. I'll go to flea market instead of these malls next time..

FYP, FYP, FYP...keeps making me awake during the night. Aiyo~ HELP!!!!

::kuanru:: signing off *no photos nowadays, have some serious problem with the laptop* :(

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