Thursday, November 13, 2008

~ R-E-L-I-E-F ~

Finally, last assignment is done!! Haven't been sleeping well for past few days. Sleep like 4 or 5 in the morning, just to complete everything. Alot of dramas and movies pending, and my blog is sleeping for like weeks. Alot of happy things coming in one row..

No.1. My darling bro got straight As in his UPSR.

Elaboration: After his UPSR exam, he was saying that, if he got straight A's, alot of impossible things will happen like rain red la, can chop of his head and sit la, wat la, wat la..and now? yay, just like what my sis said, we got a new chair, which is his head..wakaka..CONGRATULATIONS!!
Here is the pic of my brilliant 'chair'

They try their best to make me look taller in this pic..hee

No.2. It's My sweetheart's birthday

Elaboration: This girl, have been reminding me, oh, us, that her birthday is 13/11. haha..she had been a wonderful friend to me all this while, and see enough of my tears and laughter. She's always like a granny to me, or mummy perhaps, always nag nag nag on me. Sometimes she's like a lil' girl, although she's the eldest among us..anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

No.3. I've completed all the assignments

Elaboration: Always it's not enjoying when it comes to assignments and tests. But, i've gone it through. Three years already la..somebody have tougher project or assignments or tasks to be done for their marks i guess, assignments, everybody have to go through during their uni life, right?

No.4. I don't know what to say

Elaboration: Lots of stuff to eat nowadays, all stuffed up in my room. Busicuits especially, junk food..hmm..i can be a crouch potato tomorrow onwards.
Dramas + Junk food = crouch potato = me = pig

P/S: I went to Bangsar Village just now. Hell, now only i realize there's such a winderful place. To me, it's like a smaller bukit bintang, alot of good stuffs to look at. Although it's not as happening as mid valley, which i used to go or One U, but certainly there's alot of wonderful shops around that area. Too bad, it's too late when we reached, most of the shops had closed.

Yay, found one new place to go..

::kuanru:: signing off *dramarathon*

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