Sunday, November 23, 2008

~ Random Enough ~

It's 8:20am. What am i doing here? It's obviously early for a weekend. hmm... What should I do? Just back from breakfast. Morning markets are always so pack and happening early in the morning. I love the atmosphere. It's been such a long time haven't been to the market, ever since, erm, before my internship, which is 6 months ago or even longer. Miss the time where i accompany mummy to the morning market. But she's always able to wakeup so early, it's like before the cock crows ok? and before the prayer of the mosque.

Ok, what should I blog about in this 'wonderful', 'beautiful' morning, with the chirping of the birds outside?

1. First things first, this week is the last teaching week for this semester. See, so fast. It was like yesterday i blog about coming back to KL for new semester, and, now, semester ends. Next two weeks, finallllsss.. So fast, i can't even have the time to reminisce what i'd done the whole semester. It was like, all the piles of assignments and scattered notes infront of me this moment, and text books and FYP journals infront of me the next. OK, uni life, which this is called. Everything have to be fast. Just like borrowing a book from the library in university. If you're slow, u'll get NOTHING. This is what we call 'early bird catches the worm'. XD

2. Plan, plan, plan. I failed to plan this semester, which i used to plan for what subject to study first and what subject to study next every semester. The exam is next two weeks ok? I'm still dreaming..
13/12- Adolescent Psych
16/12- Management
Ok, today is 23/11, i've to start planning. Ehhem..No more shopping for this time being, no more fooling around, no more playing games...

3. Ok, i was suppose to blog about this unfair world. But since, it's 8:30am now, and there's still alot ammendment which i haven't complete for my FYP, i'll blog about it in a day or two.

4. To my crazee sis, good luck in your finals!! Looking forward to go shopping with you.

5. My bro (click!) blogs too!! ahhaa... cool...

Ok, that's all i guess.. Wish everyone all the best. And, oh ya, wish michelle's campaign all the best!!

::kuanru:: signing off

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