Sunday, January 18, 2009

~ Low, Low, Low ~

Back to English Songs. Haven't keep track on English songs since i was like standard 6? Every English songs that i listened was all out dated. But, now, thanks to me brother and my sista, i'm all back on track again, and, i love listening to Hitz fm now because i know almost every songs they played! Yes!!

Was recently listening to Low and You'll Think Of Me endlessly. My bro can sing You'll Think Of Me words by words. So man... I never thought that my bro had grown up so big and so fast!!! All so adolescene-cy. Argh..

Can't wait to go back. I miss my bro so much since for the first time he was not there at the airport to bid me farewell. Anyway, will be meeting him very soon, in like 3 days? Yes!! Can't wait to go back.

My sore gum had finally give me some new year mood!! Should i say Yes? or....??

::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

you also meeting me in a few hours nahhh.. u no miss me de nohh.. no 'YES!!!" for that noh.. so bad laa you.. i played "LISTEN~~~~" on my lappie for you okay... duh~

kuanru said...

anla..u're de best la...XD jealousof ur brother oso got...