Saturday, January 24, 2009

~ New Year Mood? ~

I'm back to Bandaraya Islam of Malaysia, the so-called Muslim state, i guess? Here's how my mood goes from KL to Kelantan. At LCCT, can't wait to go home, especially after i talked on the phone with mummy and sis one day before my flight. So wanting to come home and share juicy stories with the girls (ehhem, girls here do include my mum). And, I, during that time, am fully charged with Chinese New Year mood.

And when i'm finally here...

Here it is.
Remember the post i wrote about command and conquer? and FYI, the people are getting way too much!! Is there any ways to tell the people i don't like infront of their face politely? Any idea? Any comment will be ACCEPTED!! Now, i'm losing my CNY mood power. I want to regain my power.. HELP!!
Unhappy things happened tonight, which makes me so like wanting to run back to KL no matter walk or run i'm so going to get out of here! Which i now, at this second, by the way, has no CNY mood power at all!! NEGATIVE!!

What can I do? What can WE do to make everybody happy and satisfy?

Some people just don't know how to appreciate, do they? or do they not? Sometimes, thank you means alot. To that person, whom I don't think they know who they are, I really wanted so much and so badly to let them know that, We've tried our best to satisfy EVERYBODY!! And, i have give up my CNY mood to you!!

::kuanru:: signing off

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