Sunday, March 15, 2009

~ a FRIEND that i once knew.. ~

Was so surprise to see someone whom i've long lost contact with, leave a message on my shoutout box!! She was a friend of mine, whom i know three years ago, before i enter UTAR. It's so unbelivable for me, until now, i consider her as a good friend of mine whom i can share things with, and FYI, we just know each other for one day!! We can't even trust a person even we've known them for ages...

Back to three years ago,

When I was at the junction of choosing HELP uni or UTAR, I went to HELP uni to have a trial on their lectures. Well, first impression of HELP uni, their lecture hall IS a lecture hall, with a stage that lecturers can stand on, and the aircond is working, bla-bla-bla... before that, when we (me and my family, i was a coward during that time, XD) reached HELP, the buildings are quite messy, maybe i don't get used to it. Here comes a lady, with an umbrella. Asked for direction to that particuar building, and fortunately, she was heading towards the same building, same room, and too, she's from KELANTAN!!! what a coincidence. From then, we build acquaintances..

She is a sweet friend. Really.. Friendly, helpful, kind and nice.. Although i knew her for just one day, however, we did contact each other on and off.. recently, we lost contact... She had flew to England (or was it Australia)? Ahh, i miss that day... :) and i miss you!!!! Now only i knew that she had created a blog, here it is <click>

::kuanru:: signing off *missing loh siew wen* ^^

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