Friday, March 27, 2009

~ an un-replied sms ~

it's been two days she haven't replied my sms.. i guess i will never receive her sms again. She, will never leave sms-es unattended. Every sms surely she will replied, and mind you, even a forward sms. Although i knew her isn't for a long time, but she filled my internship dayz with colours and laughter.

Yesterday morning, i received an emergency news. She was admitted to the hospital. And her condition wasn't good. Paid her a visit after class. I was heartache!!! i nearly brokedown. Machines and tubes around and on her, she is even smaller than before, very small. She looks tired, but she knew we were there. I was afraid to receive sms, afraid that i'll receive another bad news. But, the bad news came to me later that night, she's not here anymore.

She, was born muscular dystrophy, if i got it correctly. She, can't walk, since she was born, she, is very thin, very very thin. But, every morning, she went to market to buy veges for everybody. You may ask how, the market is full with people. Her wheelchair, sometimes may not fit a small spaces. But she, wakeup earlier than everybody every morning, try her best to fullfill everyone's needs on what to buy, and what to had for breakfast. After doing her spendings in the market, we will had breakfast together. I will never ever forget the days we gossips together, and talk together.

They said, it's God's will. Some said, God has been very 'generous' to her. Some said, it's a release for her. They had their point.

But, i said, i don't want!! I don't want to lost her. I said, it's too soon. I said, i haven't bid goodbye to her. I said, i still want to talk to her. God, i'm missing her now.

Rest in peace my dear friend. Now that she's with God, and i guess her life will be better there. With no tubes and machines around her anymore.

::kuanru:: signing off *down down down*

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