Saturday, June 27, 2009

~ Super Long Post When I've Nothing To Do ~

When was the last time I shopped? I mean really shop instead of window shopping. But always there’s this problem. Use what to shop? If only hairs have value….
How some people can just shop and buy all the things they want without working? Where did their moneh came from anyway?
Baju from Topshop (which I thought the clothes is quite cheap at first, like RM20 or RM50 per baju, but once I enter the shop, I would never go in again, it’s like over RM100 for every piece of clothes is it?), cosmetics from MAC, bags from branded designers like LV, Coach, Burberry, you name it….

Branded stuff? I never own one. Besides the birthday present I get from mummy last year. I guess it’s the present accumulated for many many years. We don’t have surprises anymore, but we still get their wishes tho’, right? *wink* they are giving us presents everyday, ever since we were born. *hugz*

There’s this LV bag I’ve been carrying around KL, from Mid Valley to mamak, and to the pasar to buy sayur. From wearing heels to flip-flops. It’s not because it’s LV and I don’t care if it’s real or fake, it’s because I don’t have many bags. People who know me knows that I’m not that girly girly type. I don’t put makeups, and I’m complete idiot in that part. My mum always says, ‘can’t you act more like a girl?’ ‘This is what we called natural beauty’ I replied.


*My LV, who cares if it’s AA or not, I love her anyway*

I found this bag unwanted at my house which my mum was readily to send her out. When I saw it, I said ‘so beautiful, you don’t want arr..?’. Then her replied is ‘you want arr, you take loh.’ She said she has been asking everyone in the family, including relatives, who wants this bag. But nobody wants. One of the relatives look at this bag and ask my mum, ‘Real one or not..’, then just put aside. So this bag was found lying together with the pile of unwanted clothes. Kesian…

There’s one time I bring this darling to MidValley for a gathering. And mind u, I’m wearing tee and jeans, and as usual, flipflops, I’m more comfortable with flipflops than heels. It’s baggy and saggy I know. I always wonder how people go shopping with heels, don’t the killer heels hurt their sole after the walking?

Then, this buddy friend of mine keep looking at my bag, and said ‘LV wor..’. Then my reply was ‘so..?’ He said ‘you wear like that and carry a LV bag, even if you’re carry a real thing, people will think that you’re carry an AA LV..’ Aiya, who cares… I don’t even care whether it’s AA or not.

Aiya, what’s the big deal with branded designs? Not all of them are pretty. What if it’s a real branded stuff but you don’t even like the design or it doesn’t suits you, will you still take it if people offer you for free?

A: B, you want onot this bag. It’s new. My friend gave me during my birthday, but I never used it before.
B: *OS: don’t know what brand also, maybe from pasar malam* (don’t even look at the bag) No, thank you. I don’t think it suits me.
A: Oh, too bad. It’s Channel. Maybe I should give it to someone else. I don’t really like it.
B: Wah, Channel. *faster grab it* if you don’t want you can give me.. *big grin*

You see? A lot people are like B.. Pathetic right…

Friends around me have been spending hundreds on cosmetics. I’ve been spending hundreds on novels which some of them I only read once. Collecting novels might be like collecting different shades of eyeshadows or nail polish for them. But I’m loving with my collections.

The End

Fuh..Long post.. this only happen when I’ve nothing to do..

Have a nice day

::kuanru:: signing off

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