Monday, August 3, 2009

~ Here's the thing.. ~

The boyfriend asked me a question one day, 'Y do girls need to apply so many membership cards?'

Let me think, is it only GIRLS like to apply those membership or privilege cards? True enough, i've more cards compared to the boyfriend, but a boy friend of mine, too have lots of cards.

Well, let me see.

I have:
1. Jusco member card
2. Genting member card
3. MPH readers' circle

He has:
1. Padini member card
2. Genting member card
3. KimGary member card
4. Popular Card

Definitely he applies more cards than i do. Anyway, I'm planning to apply Padini membership card, it seems like it can be applied to Vincci as well, altho' i've kinda boycott Vincci. :D Xiaxue's blog advertised Watson's member card, (is it applicable to Malaysia?) and again, i wonder, will there be more men applying or will there be more women? But, basically, more women visit Watson right? or no?
My newly applied MPH Reader's Circle.

And also, women would love freebies and cheap stuff compared to men, true? or not? Because, i LOVE cheap stuff, and if it's free, i'll LOVE them to death!! :D

Please, men do voice out your opinion. I really need to know whether you guys apply membership or privilege cards and love freebies and cheap stuff? Thank you.

*well, credit cards are not consider membership or privilege cards*

::kuanru:: signing off

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