Thursday, September 10, 2009

Phone Calls from Home

Have been having gum pain for, as long as I can remember, 3 weeks.

Mom have been calling to ask me see a doctor, afraid there's infection. But, i procrastinate, from day to day, and now, it's 3 weeks. Happy 3 weeks, gum-pain!! Well, people who procrastinate is procrastinator? :)

Yesterday, granny called. She seldom phoned, maybe because she don't have my phone number. How I wish she phoned me everyday :D. I was so surprise when I saw my phone screen showing 'GRANNY's HOUSE'.

And here, my granny, asked me to see a doctor. Calling my cousin to bring me to the clinic (I wonder how many times has she called my cousin). Afraid that I've not enough money. She said, I better go see doctor now, and she'll phone again later to check again if I've see a doctor.

Although she loves to nag, like my mum, but, inside me, i know they're worried sick about me. For me, they have the most kind heart on earth. But, people who are kind, always get bullied. This is an awful truth.

* 2006 Christmas: ah ma and pa*

I want to go home.

After buka puasa, off to the clinic. Well, it really is an infection. Two giant antibiotics, and a pain killer. Never seen such a GIGANTIC pills in my life.

* Pills. Taken from my w800 which is getting weaker each day :( *

I found: LAKSA KELANTAN!! my fave!! I'm satisfied with my dinner, only RM2.50. How am i going to live without curry, kaojam, budu, laksa, ulam...???

I can't live, if living is without you..

::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

ate laksa with sore gum... how sore is ur gum.. hurr hurr hurrr... seems ok liao~ hurr hurr hurr

kuan ru said...

Laksa is not that hard, ok...anyway, my gum ok ad la. So, i'll get back to the original size real soon. :X