Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 14th

It was supposed to be my birthday, but I spent September 14th, whole day, 24 hours, literally, earning for a living. And it certainly doesn’t feels good for not celebrating my birthday as how it should be.

Staring at my laptop working since birthday eve, with greetings coming in, without able to reply as:
1. my phone was turned on silent
2. phone credit running low
3. lazy to reach for my w800
(so sorry peeps)
was not at all great.

Anyway, having dinner at Yuen (again!) was fantastic, as that was my first and my last meal on that day (again, on MY BIRTHDAY!!). YUMYUMYUMYUM…

I grabbed everything (I mean EVERYTHING) that looks expensive, and I don’t care of the way I eat, I don’t care about table manner, I don’t care whether I use hands or legs, I DON’T CARE, as long as I’m stuffed with food.

What’s a birthday without cakes? Said the bf. So, two slices of cheese cakes from Secret Recipes, New York Cheese Cake and Hazelnut Cheese Cake. Wants more, but moi now is on diet.

Gum pain bids me goodbye last 2 days, and I’m so freaking happy. I admit, I’ve lost some kgs for the past 3 weeks because of that stupid pain, and now it’s gone, I guess, the kgs are coming back to me. Why can’t I not have both? T.T

Well, during work, have bought some movies to ease my bored. But due to limited time, it lays there, waving at me when I was working damn hard on my work. And I’m seriously going to watch them all. TONIGHT!!! No la, maybe one movie each day...
1. G.I.A. (starring Angelina Jolie)
2. Management (starring Jennifer Aniston)
3. Orphanage ( I guess this is the one that’s newly released in the cinema few weeks ago)
4. Some outdated and newest TVB dramas.

Before I end this post, I found a new application on facebook. And it's quite amazingly amazing. See? the FORTUNE TELLER GENIUS!!

In case you can't see it, the first question that i ask this genius is,

'What will I be five years later?'
The Answer: Maybe, but be careful.

So, i perhaps, the answer for what will i be is maybe? ohh, i don't get it. but my friend said that it only answers closed ended questions.

So, I ask this question to him

Are You Real?
The Answer: Don't think about it, it's a yes!

What the hell? Does it computerized all the popular question or what? *sweat*

Well, a happy belated birthday to me.

::kuanru:: signing off


Raymond Choo said...

RuRu, tagged you in my blog..check it out ya!


Happy Belated Birthday...
sorry for late wishing..
late better than never ya :)

kuan ru said...

Have done your tag with all my heart. And thx for the wishes.. :):)