Saturday, January 30, 2010

you've changed...

you've changed to someone i doesn't even know anymore.

who are you?

you seems so alien to me, i hardly know you.

since when, you become so materialistic, self-centered, blindly following the trend, taking everything for granted, life revolving only within branded stuffs, cars, houses, credit cards, selfish, thinking only for own good....

i don't recognize who you are anymore.

friends aren't in your list anymore, or should i say, friends that are not useful to you are not in your list anymore.

how i wish to delete you from my list. someone selfish like you doesn't even deserve to have a friend. I've regretted, to have someone like you

one day, you're so oh-i-love-you, but the other day, you don't even bother....

i know what i should do now...thank you for letting me know who you are, know what's the true you.

bye bye, and good luck!

::kuanru:: signing off

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