Tuesday, June 1, 2010


piano have been my besties ever since i don't know when. she has accompanied me through most of my life, 80% of my life, i would say.

although, in the middle, i don't really like her, but as time past, i know i can't live without music, i can't live without piano. i believe there's a bond between me and her.

she will not betray, she knows what i'm thinking, and amazingly, i feel great talking to her.

i'm happy that i manage to found a piano here although it's not her. i miss her...

i never regret learning piano. i appreciate everything i go through throughout the learning process. harsh words coming out when it's getting harder.

i appreciate and very thankful for my parents sending me for piano lesson since i was 4 or 5, listening to my complain, but still, never fails, they encourage me to go for every lessons.

and now, i'm passing my knowledge to the next generation. looking at the little ones, make me think of what i gone through when i was young.

at times, i see them giving up, i don't feel good. i guess this is how my parents feel when i try to give up, or when any of us trying to give up.

loving piano, loving the notes each day.

a nice one to be shared with. this song makes me remind of her, my dear petrof..

::kuanru:: signing off

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