Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm tired of people giving excuses all the time. They give reasons for their fault. The fault only they're clear of what it is.

For instance, the one faced when doing group assignment,
A: Which part do you wanna do?
B: Anything. You pick for me, and i'll do.
A: Then you do XXX then.
B: XXX? I don't know how to do

WTF! Ask you to choose you don't want to choose. When assigned, you said you don't know. Familiar?

Example #2:
A: Why you get lesser projects nowadays?
B: (the reason can bemany) Because the other girl is prettier/ Because I have no time for more projects

See? Instead of, maybe she did better than me, the fingers are pointing out.

Example #3:
A: Why you didn't practice this week?
B: I've got a lot of homework/ My mummy didn't ask me to practice/ I've got exam.

Great. Excuses were given even during young age.

Why can't people just face the fact, and stop giving excuses? If you didn't get what you want, ask yourself if you've tried hard enough, instead of giving excuses for your own mistake, true?

Stop giving me excuses so that to make you think that you'rer still an angel. I doubt...

::kuanru:: signing off

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