Sunday, January 27, 2008


just came back from Cameron Highlands with Jay, Hanyoung a.k.a Andrew and Jiahung a.k.a. Joe. Well, this trip is suppose to be a back packing trip (this is wat according to mr Andrew), but..well, i'm kinda speechless that the so-call-back packing trip is very enjoyable. I've no regret for nodding my head and agree to follow this trip. We stay at this place called KRS guest house. (KRS makem e think of Kadet Remaja Sekolah) ) *duh* Everything was so perfect, until at night, we were freezing cold as three of us didn't bring our jacket.
Staying out at night, chit chating under the stars with two tourists from Poland, sitting beside the camp was an unforgetable night..
Have to pen off..i'm tired..
p/s: i'm eagerly waiting for my new year dress which i've ordered from to reach me..

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