Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a day...

There's a little something i would like to share with you all:
It's a personality test and it's quite accurate..:)
Today is quite hectic for me. Not to say hectic, but after attending the FYP and I/A briefing, i suddenly realize that there will be a very stressful days coming ahead..feel like i'm carrying a mountain on my shoulder. I know it coming since the first day i enter Uni, but it's too soon..I broke down easily onto little thing, I really can't handle my stress..maybe i should attend stress management classes/programme..*hmmm* good idea..
Any now and then, there's a friend always by my side..always willing to lend me her hand..listen to my complains which sometimes i feel that it's pretty glad to have know her..:) Love Ya!!
hope we strive together till the end...
And to the one whom i've displace my anger to earlier just now, i'm pretty sorry for him..really appreciate his understanding..i know he won't be reading this, but still i wanted to say "I'M SORRY" and "LOVE YA".....:*

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