Wednesday, February 6, 2008

AllMalaysian Blogger

Discovered AllMalaysian Blogger from Michelle's blog, which i truly love to read whenever i'm free. She's so humorous. Her blog makes me laugh on my own while i'm reading it. She's a really good blogger. :) thumbs up to Michelle Tan.

See the AllMalaysian Blogger button at the sideof my blog? That from It's so cute and u can actually get information about blogging there. It's cool...:)

Chinese New Year is really very near, it's less than 24 hours. There's alot of preparation done during these few days, it starts ever since i came back from KL. Although we are exhausted, but we are happy with the result. We here, me and my family; and the result here is the cleanliness and the 'beautiful-ness' of our house..:)

Here, to wish all Chinese Happy Chinese New Year and Giong Hee Giong Hee..:)

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