Monday, February 4, 2008

If only..

So F-E-D-U-P!!!

People around me are wearing invisible 'mask' everyday..dealing with different people, they put on different masks..person's behavior is really can't predict what they are going to do next or what they have done..Sometimes, Something just ain't enough for Somebody..#Yo, people out there, stop your drama and don't ask for more, you are making us sick every minute everyday, you look silly in our eyes..#

Forget all those jerk, spoil my mood..

Yes, steamboat tonight!!!! :)

Before i leave, here are some pics from Cameron Highlands that day..

~ Lovely strawberries~

~Can't help myself to stop upload those strawberries Picture~


~I don't know what is this called, but there are some duri on those leaves~

~Hydrophonic Lettuce (I think they were lettuce..hopfully they were)~

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