Sunday, February 24, 2008

~a fabulous singer~

He, is fab-bu-lous!! his voice is so powerful... He is Jam Xiao Jin Teng!!

I've watched him sing once, on a show which i can't recall, and from that day, and at that particular moment, i've fall in love with his voice.. especially when he sings and plays with the keyboard.. when i first saw him, the first sentence that came out from my mouth is 'god, he's so shy!!'...

oh, ya ya..i remembered the first time i knew him is during the show host by ASOS..

But, when he started to sing, i'm really stunned with his voice.. and can u guess?? his age is only 20 years old!! younger than me one year!! well, he definitely looks mature than me... he portrays each song with his own style, in his own way.. *tabik*

you guys should check it out..

*too bad i can't find a pic of him..*

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