Wednesday, February 20, 2008

~Farewell - Fei Jie~

A sad news i just received just now. I know, she died yesterday. As i googled, i saw some posting like Lydis Sum died. i can't believe it, and i don't want this to be real. i thought it was just another rumour. As i clicked on it, more posts and websites about this bad news. I was sad, very sad. She's not very old, i mean, for me, at the age of 61 is not old.

Since i was young, i knew her existence. In my mind, she was so optimistic. I have always watched her hosting variety shows, i've forgotten the title, but i'm not mistaken, it's 'Enjoy yourself tonight'. She brings so much laughter, and she really makes my life brighter. She also starred in Singaporean English sitcom 'Living with Lydia', which i used to follow it every week. She brought us alot of joy.

She was battling with her illness since last year, going in and out of the hospital. Maybe this is a way for her to be relieve from the pain and suffer, to be with God. Hopfully her daughter, Joyce, stay strong..

RIP- Lydia Sum. We will miss u..

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