Sunday, February 3, 2008

~Home Sweet Home~

Here I am, in an air-cond room, on my cozy bed, writing this entry. It's so comfortable to stay at home. Finally.. After hectic weeks with assignments and FYP keep running in my mind, now i can at least cool down and rest my mind a little and put all those worries behind..

Just came back from this newly, opened Tesco here at Kelantan..So happy that there are Sushi, Strawberry, Raspberry, all kinds of berries, mushrooms and different kinds of them, alfafa, etc.. we couldn't get all of those here in Kelantan before Tesco is's pack with people, and familiar faces..

Forgot to mention, there is a Big Apple Donut in Tesco.. ^^ Yum, my stomach is growling for food NOW!!!

Before i go, here are some pics to be shared with:

*Any comment about this pic??* nyehehehe

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