Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~emo emo~

My eyelids are getting heavier and heavier..it's almost shutting down.i've been back to Kelantan, my dear hometown, for less than 24 hours..'bai ka lui'..outside the departure hall, my tears nearly roll down..i avoid my mum, sis and bro, i don't want to say good bye, i don't want to leave. After hugs and kisses from my bro, i quickly get into the departure hall..leaving them behind..once in awhile, turn back and wave to them..my tears finally roll down..
Well, the weather was not very good throughout the flight. The plane went through several bumps in the thick, dark, cloud. The plane, at a time, was in a chaos, some ladies shout, make me more and more 'gan jiong'. I was scared at that time, i pray that nothing will happen and we are going to land soon. The cabin crews were asked to take their sit..afer several bumps, we managed to arrive at LCC terminal, and to my surprise, we are 10 minutes early than the time scheduled. After the bumper ride, we still can reach early. Thank god.. Thanks Airasia.. :0
::kuanru::signing off

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