Sunday, March 16, 2008

~time to plan, plan, plan~

it's coming to an end of the semester. still got, lemme c, a month? or less than amonth? study week is coming, and so do our dear FINALS!! As i was counting and planning for the coming days for the next semester internship, argh..which i was so, so 'huan lo' (worry in hokkien) right now, i realize this semester really passed by just so seems like everyday there have task to be done, everyday is so busy. 3 presentations this week..good luck!!

Well, besides those hard work, more enjoyable and exciting plan is coming up..hmm...there are a few places i would like to visit before the internship starts which until now i still don't know where will i be going..haha..cameron highlands, all the pulau's, A famose resort, genting highlands..hiakhiak~ way to go...looking forward..:)

::kuanru:: signing off

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