Friday, March 14, 2008


Finally, i have a time to breath..have been so stressful last few months..hardly breath properly..experiencing insomnia now and then..thinking of the tasks to be done..
Guess what, i have a test on my stress level today, and the result shows that my stress level is HIGH!!
Have been attending all the relaxation class, stress management, hypnosis class, bla bla bla...during the workshop, people in charge ask to close our eyes, leave our mind blank, listen to the peaceful to leave my mind blank where there are so many things pending behind??
There are several times, that i want to give up and run away...
But, I cannot be a coward..i've grown up

During this stressful period, there is always someone that will always be by my side, giving me his support unconditionally, endlessly...I, felt ashame of myself, for being so emotional sometimes, displacing all my anger towards him. Even though i've apologize, but, it seems to me like to much of apology becomes meaningless. He, without complaining, told me, 'i'll be by your side no matter what'. I really appreciate what he had done. Throughout these years, we've gone through so many ups and downs together, these period makes us stronger, makes us to become a better person, makes us to face our future, and welcome our future with big arms. I appreciate everything..what i have now..i have no complains..

Although they are far from me, but a single phone call or sms from them can make me happy for the rest of my day. I've been webcam-ing with them nowadays. Thanks to the one who invented webcam and internet. It's very happy to see them. They are my biggest supporters, no matter how worst my results are, no matter how worst my performance is on the stage, no matter how naughty i am when i were young, until now, no matter how worst my CGPA is, they will always smile at me and say, 'it's ok, no matter what, you're our daughter, and you've tried your best'.
Thanks to them, who always brings me sunshine throughout the day..i love you guys..

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