Monday, March 31, 2008

~new look~

Went to Meglio Hair Saloon at Mahkota Parade for a hair cut. Before I step into the saloon, i keep telling myself, i just want to TRIM, not CUT. But, I was the kind who get influence really very easily. My best bud, Juan, wanted to cut her hair short, and she said that i should try, and my Jay kept asking me to cut it short, or else i'll just have to cut my hair at Bukit Beruang, which is much more convenient for us. ergh.. Since we were driving quite far from Bukit Beruang to Mahkota Parade, and there was all this traffic jam along the way, he further emphasize, no TRIM!! Well, i managed to persuade him by telling him that i'll have my hair cut until shoulder length, which is quite alot for me, til then he promised to bring me there.. *hiak hiak*

Mana tau once i was seated in the saloon, i told the stylist that i want my hair cut until neck length and this hair stylist further persuade me to cut it shorter.. again, i was influenced by the PASSION of this hair stylist..and his heavenly description..

*snip snap*

In 10 seconds, my hair, half gone..i was so surprise+excited+fear+...=gasp out, which make the hair stylist and my Jay laugh out.

Well, after my long hair have been cut, there's no back off.. and the result is... and, it turns out to be... i dunno...*wink wink*

*blur pic* before hair cut
ta-da *after*

-the end-

::kuanru:: signing off


kuanpeng said...

You.. you... OMG~! you.. you..
*cough cough*
how can... how can you..
*choke choke*
how can they.. how can they...
*sob sob*
why.. why.. why you..
*sniff sniff*

How can you~!! Jay is bad people you know..he persuade ppl into doing wrong stuff!!! Plus the hairdresser.. worse!! how can you~!

I'm telling mom!!!

Anonymous said...

You look great and trendy. Accept changes so that your life will be more challengeable and enjoyable.

kuanru said...

kuanpeng: i like them..nyehehe..i can grow it again together with you...:)

anonymous: thanks for your compliment..yes, i like it..:)