Tuesday, April 1, 2008

~i'm falling in love with COACH~

ouh ouh ouh...i'm falling, i'm falling, down, down, down, i'm falling down for them!! I'm falling in love with them. Everyone of them.

ouh...how i wish to own one of them. They are from !!!COACH!!! I want them. I want all of them. I don't care!!

I know, i know, if i bring them back, i'll have to eat grass with air for the rest of the semester. I know, i know, i can't be too materialistic. I know, i know, i have to save every penny i have.

But, it's so irresistable.. Give me 10 reasons why shouldn't i love them? Tell me, tell me....

::kuanru:: signing off *day dreaming*

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