Friday, April 4, 2008

~Make A Child Smile~

As i was blog hopping as usual, i came across this organization, Make A Child Smile, who doesn't? There are millions of people out there suffering from different kinds of illness. We, should appreciate for what we have now, instead of keep on complaining.
This wonderful web based organization keeps a list of children's name with severe life-threatening illness. Beside the pictures of each kid, there are the kid's mailing addresses. What you can do is to send them cards, gifts or some other creative things that you can think of to make them smile or to encourage them. It will just cost you the price of a stamp to make them smile.

I've started it. I really hope that MACS (Make A Child Smile) can be spread widely to every corner of the world. Spread you love and make them smile!!

::kuanru:: signing off *you're blessed*

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