Tuesday, April 15, 2008

~The Smile On Your Face~

I went to Persatuan Kristian Shuang Fu (Shuang Fu = Double Blessings in Chinese) situated at Old Klang Road for interview for my internship next semester. Ok, at first glance, Persatuan Kristian Shuang Fu, what you think that would be?

Persatuan Kristian, Christian Organization…hmmm…for me, first thing that pop into my mind when i saw this is CHARITY. Okay, charity means, volunteer, volunteer means no allowances and no salary. It’s not that I want the money so much, but, there’s nothing to motivate me to go there. Since my super duper good university had arranged me to that organization, so I might as well give it a try. No harm trying mar right?

So, I browse through Google for more information. And guess what? I was right!! It is a charity organization. It is an disabled independent living association. Based on the information given from the website, this association or organization (well, what’s the difference anyway) aimed to enrich the lives of the disabled trough training and building up their self confidence. As I read more, I was like, ok, disabled person, very kesian lor, it’s not that I’m not willing to help, but I’m afraid that I might hurt them. Especially when I talk. I’m really scared.

Today, when I went to this place, I was shocked. When me and one of my friends reached there, they were having their daily prayer, because this is a Christian Association. I peek into the house. I was surprised. Most of them were on wheel chairs. But, they were so, so, friendly!! Oh My God!! That was not what I had imagined. In my mind before I came here, I was thinking that these people must be very moody and they must be viewing their life very miserably, and us, as an intern, our aim is to brighten up their life.

But, to my astonishment, it was another way round!! When they saw us, they were so happy. They welcome us with open arms. I was touched. Really. At that moment, I was wondering, how can they be so optimistic?? All of them wore a smile on their face. When i mean all of them, means everyone of them.. Their smile and laughter really motivate me to go there more often.

I’m looking forward to work for them. To be a volunteer or whatever. I just want to see these people’s smile. I want them to be happy. I don’t care whether there’s any benefit for me. I really want to help them out.

Our simple action can make them happy...:)

::kuanru:: signing off *happy*


Raymond Choo said...
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Raymond Choo said...

you will do ur internship with shuang fu ah?
good..good..althou i belief in diff religion(im not christian bah!).. their effort to help the disable is very nice.. the last campaign if im nt mistaken is selling hand made carnation to mother..in order to gain money for the disable..


kuanru said...

yaya..i think it's also a good poourtunity to try to work with them..hehe.thanks ya.:)