Saturday, April 19, 2008

~i'm feeling lucky~

Due to the previous entry, alot of my friends have been concerning about me. I'm touch, really. When i'm down to the bottom, there's always someone there to pull me up, encourage me, willing to listen to me. Through sms, through phone calls, through emails, giving me support. Mich and san, thanks. Miss you guys.. :)
Although there are some may ask about how am I and so on, but they are not sincere and genuine, i know who they are, and you know who you are. All in all, i'm so lucky to have a bunch of friends like you. I'm OK!! I really am.. THANKS!! God Bless You Guys!!

By the way, me and Jay are getting along good. For those who don't like it to be this way, and for those who wants to see us breakup, i'm sorry, we are not. During the whole week, we have been thinking over and over again, wether breakup is what we want. But, we came out to the answer which is a NO. After all, it's a misunderstanding.

Guys, sorry for making you guys worry. I love you guys so, so much..:)

::kuanru:: signing off *appreciate*

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