Sunday, April 20, 2008


This book have been laying around beside my bed for quite some days. I bought it at Pay Less Bookstore at One Utama. I wanted to reach for it, but i couldn't, because i know that once i start reading it, i will never stop. And i'll neglect other books, they will be very jealous of this book. *evil laughing* Although those books are not interesting, but still i have to read them, because without them, i might ruin my future. Ok, enough crap. But its true, once i start reading this novel, i won't be reading my TEXT books, some more my exam is like day after tomorrow?!!?

OK, as can see at the cover of the book, the title of this book is Zoya's Story. Who is this Zoya anyway? She's an Afghan woman struggling for freedom. This was written on the cover of the book as well.
Well, i haven't read this story yet tho', but i've read about another true story, also happening at this Middle East country, where they practice honour killing, and how the girl or the author managed to escape from her family after her best buddy was stabbed 12 times to death by her father and brother after they discovered her meeting with a guy without their permission. She also written there that honour killing was a close case at the country.
However, here are some restrictions and mistreatment of women under the Taliban (these are what written at the back of the book):
* Ban on women's work outside the home
* Ban on women dealing with male shopkeepers
* Ban on women studying at schools, uni or other educational institutions
* Requirement that women wear a long weil, covers from head to toe
* Whipping of women in public for having exposed ankles
* Ban on the use of cosmetics (many women with painted nails have had fingers cut off)
* Ban on women laughing loudly
*Ban on women wearing brightlu colored clothes (In Taliban terms, these are 'sexually attracting colors')
As i was typing the above, i was wondering, if i were the one born in that country, i don't htink i can survive there.. Well, this book was written in year 2002, i wonder they still practice these.

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Killer Blogger said...

the story already in news..hope they survive..

kuanru said...

oo really???i miss it..but i can't imagine the life there..

Anonymous said...

Dishonor killings are still happening, to the tune of about 5,000 per annum, according to the U.N.

I think the book you are referring to is Norma Khouri's "Forbidden Love," about the supposed dishonor killing of her friend Dalia in Jordan. Her publisher stopped distributing it after it was found the account was fictional.

But what was lost in that scandal is that dishonor killings still occur in Jordan. . .and not so differently than how Norma described in her book.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

kuanru said...

yup. u're's forbidden's a story about Norma..I really wonder how they can survive under those rules..thanls for your information.:)