Tuesday, May 6, 2008

~Am I Asking Too Much~

What girls want is really easy, all they want is to be reassure that they're loved, agree? How come men don't see it? If and only if, i don't have to cry to sleep almost everynight.. so pathetic..

If you know me well enough, i'm a kind of person who can be easily satisfied. Even a single text of 3 words can make me happy. Am I too much?
All girl want is this,

or this..

But the undeniable, awful but simple truth is this..


I don't care anymore. What I care more now is the weather outside. For those who are in the cold country or in an aircond room now, please don't complain anymore :). It is really, really hot. I think it's the result of global warming. I never felt this hot before. It's killing me. I feel like i'm melting inside. I'm going to get sick. I need aircond. and I need you..

::kuanru:: signing off *searching for a bath tub and too much of ramblings*

p/s: anyone had any idea how to change the template? SOS.. your help is fully appreciated. Muakxs


-juan- said...

agree sial!!
nice blog...i love it^^

kuanru said...

thanks thanks..haha...:) muakxs

Erik said...

thanks for sharing.

You brightened my day.

kuanru said...

Thanks erik..:)Thanks for visiting