Saturday, May 3, 2008

~it's coming to an END!~

One more paper to go. I'm so excited, but also worried about CMT. In case i fail this paper, i might have to retake this paper again, which means that, i can't go back yet. :( hopefully i won't have to retake, but i have no confident at all. It sucks. I underestimated this paper, which is my FAULT!!

I've spent most of my days at home this month. I realised my this neighbour talks really loud, i mean LOUD, yes, she's LOUD!!like a speaker. When i was studying, all of the sudden, i heard angry phrases starting with 'Ah moi arr...', and followed by 'tak boleh macam ini laa..'.. so annoying la this aunty next door. The conversation will even wake me up sometimes. NOT to say conversation, because i only heared one party who is talking, but it's not monologue tho'.

It's so irritating. Sometimes when i walk pass the house, i saw the maid, with a rather sour face. Sometimes i would like to peek inside the house to know which aunty is that who likes to scold her maid so loud as if she wants everyone to know that she is angry. Don't she know that getting angry will make her grow older and grow more wrinkles? True?

::kuanru:: signing off *teardrops on my guitar by Taylor Swift - thanks peng*

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