Thursday, May 22, 2008

~just do it~

I'm getting used to it. Without his sms, without his phone calls, without chatting on either yahoo messenger or MSN, sometimes i even had forgotten that he actually do exist. It's been quite awhile living without him, but, i'm sure, i can do it.

Anyway, holidays will be over soon. I can't believe i spend my holiday just like that. Nowadays have been driving in and out, become my brother's nanny. I need some fresh air. Perhaps hanging around KB Mall, which i think is the only happening place in my hometown.

One more week to go, and i'll start my internship. I can't imagine how life will be in that three n half months. Waking up 6am in the morning or earlier, waking earlier than anybody else in the house, struggling out from bed, spending RM7 per day just for transportation, coming back home when it was dark, FYI, i never step out of house after 6pm, b'cause it's getting dark, but during internship...i've no idea. three n half months, it's not too long, and not so short. So, i think i can do it.

By the way, MU won the UEFA Champions League 2008 at Moscow, beating Chelsea with 5-4. Well, no comment with the result. Bcause i'm not so into football anyway. *wink*

::kuanru:: signing off *there'll be a better tomorrow*

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