Tuesday, May 20, 2008

~Dramas, Dramas and More Dramas~

It's 7 in the morning!! 7A.M.!!

Shouldn't i be in bed at this time? I know, a lot of people in this world had wakeup at this time, and started their daily routine, but, it's my HOLIDAY! I should be in bed at this time.

Mummy's not around, so i've to take care of my little brother. Have to wakeup at 6 a.m. every weekdays, get his breakfast ready, and send him to school. I can't get back to sleep that's why here i am, blogging. I wonder how mummy can wakeup so early every morning and always have a smile on her face when she saw us preparing for school last time. I'll get grumpy if i have to wakeup so early. *tabik*

Since i've nothing to do, i've finished The Seventh Day. This is the best Hong Kong drama i've watch so far, starring Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng, two of my favourite actors; and also Nikki Chow and Natalie Tong, they are now in my favourite actress list. :)

The story is about how two person born on the same day, the seventh day of August, lead different life, have a very different story of their own.One leads a very smooth life, although there's a little bit of hiccups here and there; the other leads a rather dreadful life, and have to overcome alot of problems.

All in all, I love to see how Kevin loves Nikki, it's just so sweeeeeeeeeeet. And i guess, these dramas are the main reason for me to day dream all day long.

*Kevin and Nikki*

I don't like to write reviews. But, this is really a nice one to watch, really.

I'll give 5/5 for this drama. Thumbs up!!

::kuanru:: signing off.

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