Sunday, May 11, 2008

~The Most Sexiest Woman On Earth~

Introduce you, the most sexiest woman on earth....

My MUMMY!! The queen of my heart.

This year, i came back just in time to celebrate Mother's Day with mummy and my family. Being back at home really makes me happy. My sis said that mummy had been squeezing her brain juice to come out with the menu for me one month before i came back. i'm touched, really. Especially nowadays, food crisis, everything is so expensive, but mummy still search high and low for the food i requested for. Thanks mum!!

Remember every year, me and my siblings would do handmade cards for my mummy, but this year, i regret that i did nothing. But i hope, really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that mummy will be happy always, everyday, every minute and every second. Mummy had been so worried about everyting, me, my brother, sister, the family, and alot of stuff she had to worry about. Each time i came back, she looks tired.

As i grew older, i start to learn what reality is, and realise how dramatic life could be, to face the fakers out there, mummy had always being bullied by others, but yet, we can't do anything. I'm not going to say who those fakers are and who are those big bullies, and who can actually be a good actor/actress.

Since young, my parents tried their best to help us in every problems we face. Papa and mummy have been so loving. They have been my role model since i was young. I would like to grew up and be like them one day. They always thought us philosophy of life, the truth of the reality, to face the reality. Until now, three of us are big enough, but still, they worry about us.

I would like to say, without both of them, who are us today? I really love them, from the bottom of my heart. Same goes to my brother and sister.

::kuanru:: signing off *hugs and kisses*

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