Monday, June 16, 2008

~Happy Father's Day~

Yesterday was Father's Day. I hope that i was not too late to blog about this wonderful day.

I sms-ed papa yesterday, wishing him Happy Father's Day. When i received his reply, my tears started rolling down. And at that moment, i realised how much i missed home, how much i feel like going back. Although its a very short message, but i'm really touched. I was at church yesterday when i sms-ed him, it was a sharing session by my boss about her father. Part of me was touched by her story, and then i thought back about my papa, and god, i'm homesick again!! Please bring me back!!

I always think that papa is very fierce, very stern, but i know, everything he did, he did it for the family. Sometimes he's funny. A simple joke can make the whole family laugh our heart out. He had lots of friends around him, adn very helpful at the same time. My papa is very hardworking. But anyhow, he was always being complained.

Since i was young, papa is the sun, and mummy is the moon. Both of them will always be there for us no matter what. Although papa never express his love to us like mummy do, he never told us that he love us, he never praise us, he never complain about his work, about his problem to us, but as i grew up, i slowly understand what he went through. And we know that, he love us, and he do everything for us.

Papa, thanks for everything. and don't forget my mummy. Don't get jealous pulak. I love both of them dearly.

::kuanru:: signing off *dance with my father by Luther Vandross*


-fat peng- said...

Ma is getting seriously freaked with ur quotes...explain to her!!

Lolz... Pa is sun Ma is moon? One appear in the day, one appear in the night.. lolz.. terbalik liao, Pa is moon, Ma is sun.. lolz.. ur ma sleeps at 10pm la lulu..

Love you lots!!

p/s: bila u nak touched by my sms?

kuanru said...

haha..wat quotes? hee..:) u no send something touching how to u..hehe..

take care:)