Monday, June 16, 2008

~I've learnt..~

My supervisor once told me, 'work hard, but know how to love yourself, once in awhile, buy stuff for yourself, spoil yourself.'

I've been going through really, really hard time for the past few weeks. And i guess it's time for me to keep moving on. I know, some of you, or everyone of you might say, 'you should do it long long time ago'. Here I am, learning to get up, and fly free. Learning to laugh out loud, laugh from my heart. I belief, i can do it!

So, to love myself, i would like to buy myself some nice nice dresses and tops. And here I am, online shopping AGAIN! However, i still haven't makeup my mind which one to buy and also i don't have money. Anyone willing to sponsor me? i promise, i won't reject. :)

::kuanru:: signing off *love ME*

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