Sunday, June 1, 2008


Have been back to Section 17, PJ just now in the morning. I don't know why, this is my third year here, leaving my family, but i still cry before i left. Last night, thinking that i'm going to leave my home sweet home early in the morning, my tears start streaming down. I'm a cry baby, i admit it. I cannot control myself very well, i will get very emotional very easily, you can say that i'm not mature, i admit. But i really love my home.

I don't like hectic lifestyle, I hate it. Internship will be going to start tomorrow. I'm starting to get nervous. Hope everything goes well during this whole semester.

New semester, new resolution:

1. Sleep early. I'll make sure that i'm in bed 10pm-11pm. I found that my eye bed is getting terrible after those days where i watch dramas till 3 to 4 in the morning. Somemore i've to wakeup at 6am in the morning during internship. Earlier than the muslim starts their surau at 6:15am. By the way, the mosque is just opposite my house. Many might ask, will you be awaken by the early alarm from the mosque? my answer is, i'm used to it.

2. Eat healthily. From now onward, i'll be going to take care of my skin and also myself. I've a terrible skin. I don't know how to cure it. i bought all sort of lotions, but still, no result. Maybe vege may really help. And i've to cut down the meat.

::kuanru:: signing off *good luck*

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