Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~Don't Wake Me Up Untill August Ends~

Have started my internship yesterday. It was a very stressful day yesterday. Stress does not came from the workplace, but, it's from me myself. Because one day before i hardly get into sleep. I slept like 4:30am and wakeup at 6:15am. My eyes look like panda. No matter how early i slept last night, i don't seem like gaining any energy until the end of the day. Well, looks like i failed the resolution that i set for myself. *slap self*. Mummy always said, almost everyday said:"Failing to plan is planning to fail". Well, i did plan, only my plan does not work out, so, i'm not planning to fail. *bluek*

~my eyes were like his~

Working at Shuang Fu is not bad, and actually is good, only thing that make me lazy to get up in the morning is that i have to wait for the bus, for the lrt, and for the bus again. Most of the time waiting for the public transport. And FYI, Putra LRT in the morning is so damn PACK. So many people. I'm waiting at the fourth station from the starting point, and the train is already pack like sardin in the can. And i realized the LRT move slower in the morning, maybe is because of the weight of people it carries. When LRT reached, people start pushing, pushing, pushing. I kena push inside and outside the LRT always. I have a suggestion, is it better if the company add more cabin to the train?

These people really make me angry. Slowly, slowly cannot one meh!! Inside no place to stand also liao you still want to push. @#$%*

When I'm inside the sardin LRT, i have to smell people's armpit. Can you imagine that? Because i'm not tall, (in other word, short, which i hate to say), people around me are so tall, i was stuck in the middle of whole lot bunch of tall guy, ya, guy, when they reached out for the handle in the train, i hardly breath. DUH!!! I'm like a mushroom in the forest full of trees...can u imagin that?

I wonder how am I going to stand with these public transport for this 3 months.

::kuanru:: signing off *i'm still hoping you to reach out for me*

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes one not only needs to plan, but also needs to know when to grab the opportunity. " Opportunity knocks but once". must be alert and tactful. Good Luck.