Monday, June 23, 2008

~Let's go~

There are alot of places i really, really need to go. Backpack perhaps. I never had an experience of backpacking before. Need advices here.

1. Pulau Redang or any island in Malaysia. God.I'm born in Malaysia but i never been even to a small island in Malaysia. Well, Penang is exceptional. So, the first place i would like to go would be Pulau Redang, which, according to whoever that have been there before, it's a very nice place. So, going to this place is a MUST for me. I don't think the expenses would be heavy as compared to other places in my list of dream vacation.

2. Hong Kong will be my next destination. Well, i'm still planning about this trip and still saving for it. Wish me luck. :D Any advice?? Heard that the public transport of Hong Kong is very, very convenient, if compared to Malaysia. Hell i've to wait for two hours sometimes to reach home from work, sometimes even longer. Back to the topic: Hong Kong. It was a legendary place of shopping and eating. Come on, I can't go to Florida's Disneyland; but please at least allow me to go to Hong Kong's Disneyland.

3. Maldives. This place will be my dream forever, i think. This trip will not be cheap, and i think i have to save even longer if i want my dream to come true. Well, not if i married to a young Donald Trump. I know, i know, back to reality. This will always be in my list of dream vacation.

4. If Maldives is a faraway dream, why not Bali. It's a nice place tho'. Come on, i love beaches, but not BITCHES. I never went to beautiful beaches for a long long time. Pantai Cahaya Bulan is not a BEAUTIFUL beach, ok? Bali, bali.. Hmm... I need advices, OK? Thanks

5. Of course the Europe. Thinking of Europe, hmm... Currency, currency, currency.. Perhaps, can give it a try. :D

Mr. Jay... I'm counting you in ok? =D

::kuanru:: signing off


-fat peng- said...

waa..all islands arr, except europe hor..

nevermind nevermind, nex time I bring you to promise!!


kuanru said...

oh really?? thx first. haha

John Chappell said...

Wow...I've never been to any of those places.

kuanru said...

me tooooo...:(