Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~they'll never learn~

First of all, i would like to APOLOGIZE for the previous superduper emo posts. SORRY!!! Many friends had shown their concern which makes me very touched. Thanks guys.. Would like to tell you guys that, I'M ALRIGHT! Sorry for making you guys worry, it's time for me to grow up right?

Ok. Back to the title.
I'm not sure wether this is the culture of the Malaysians or this happen at other country as well. But, it's totally very annoying..
Here goes..

I reached LRT station quite late today, around 8am because i need to passup my FYP at uni before i went for my training. To my surprise, people were q-ing up to wait for the train. At that time, i was thinking, since when these people know how to line up. Big hands to them and thumbs up. *Clap with joy* Before i finish thinking, the train arrived. Walao@, as soon as the train open the door, people start pushing each other to get in the train..where is the lining up attitude 5 minutes before?

One fat lady, used her big tummy to push me to squeeze herself into the train. Walao@ My space was already so, so small, and yet, she is still pushing herself in. Where you think should i stand? on your head arr..? CAN'T YOU WAIT FOR THE NEXT TRAIN? IT WASN'T 1 HOUR FOR THE NEXT ARRIVAL, JUST 3 MINUTES, OK? i almost fall down ok?

Why like that one??

::kuanru:: signing off

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Cassandra said...

yes!!! and i HATE that situation too!!!!so u must learn how to push other too, or else u will alwiz kena push je...