Wednesday, June 11, 2008

~Happy Birthday~

To my two beloved Gemini, who play a very important part in my life, who can make my mood goes up and down, who are both intelligent and mature than me obviously, who takes good care of me alot:


Miss Lee Kuan Peng
Mr Gan Jay Han

Today is my sis's burfday, and mr. Jay's burfday will be next week. Wish both of you Happy Burfday!!

"Hope lovely surprises are coming you way,
to make your birthday a wonderful day"

*Miss and Mr Gemini*

::kuanru:: signing off


-fat peng- said...

hey~! I'm in ur blog~!!! AGAIN!!!


Big hugs and kisses..
Sayang sayang.. dun cry liao arr..

kuanru said...

Fat Peng? How fat are you o?hee..:) thanks for the comment!! Love, ru