Thursday, June 5, 2008

~What Are The Consequences?~


It was a long, long jam outside every petrol station last night. One friend of mine offer to send me back from work yesterday. Isn't she a darling? On our way back from OUG, whenever we pass by a petrol station, there's a jam. Can u imagine that? Heavy traffic all the way, especially near SS2. She decided to join in the queue and was fully supported by me. Nyehehe.. Who knows, the petrol station worker said that it is going to run out of stock because everyone wants full tank, full tank, full tank.Wah..luckily we are just in time. :D

Everything is going to be superduper expensive, everything is increasing, will salary be increasing too?

Anyway, followed by the increase of petrol price, what will be next? you guess?

My prediction:
1. Everything will be increase (electric bill; public transport fare; my favourite chicken rice; curry mee; all my favourite food) and indirectly it will affect my daily expenses. Arghh... I'm trying hard to save here, can't you seeeeee???
2. Public transport will be more pack than before, which means, more and more sardin will be in a can
3. I'll be draining away. Less meals to be taken, less money will be save, and i'll all dry up.

What to do, what to do? Money not enough..What to do? I was thinking about this matter all the time. It's high time for me to do something. Money, Money, Money..

::kuanru:: signing off *it'll be over soon*

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