Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~Songs That Make Me Cry~

I've been so, so, emotional lately. Almost everynight i went to bed, rest my head on my pillow, close my eyes, all the memories flew back into my mind. Whole day i kept myself busy so that i won't think of our past, but until at night, it all return back to me. And then, my tears start streaming down, i can't even control myself. I want to be strong, I want to be tough, but, I'm helpless. I know, it needs time, but it happen too fast. I love him, but now, we haven't contact each other for so, so, long. I'm afraid..I'm scared..

I don't understand alot of things. I need an explanation. But, he can't give me an explanation. Why? being in a relationship is really not easy, especially long distance relationship. But, I don't want to accept the fact, i don't want to know the truth, cause it might be very cruel, very very cruel, every truth slash my heart. Every promises are broken. I won't believe in promises anymore.

This few days, these songs accompanied me to sleep, i'll drop my tears whenever i listened to them.
1. Jay Chou's 'tui hou'
2.Jay Chou's and Landy's 'san hu hai' (our song. I still remembered how we sing together and dance together with this song, repeated it again and again)
3.Karyn White's 'Superwoman' (every words in the lyric are my feelings now)
I think every sentimental songs i listen when i'm sad makes me cry.

::kuanru:: signing off *if time can turn back..*

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