Sunday, July 27, 2008

~ At last.. ~

At last, i drop my tears. At last, i let my heart out. I've cried to sleep. All this while, i thought i'm strong enough, to manage everything myself. But, i'm wrong. I thought i'm tough, but actually i'm so weak, very weak. I kept everything to myself. All the problems, all the sadness, i kept it deep inside myself, seldom did i portray it. All this while, i wear a smile on my face, to cover all the sadness inside me.

Listen to songs in my lappie. Every songs remind me of you. Every songs have a story behind. Every songs are my favourite. You know me best of what songs i like.

But now, it seems like you are so far away. Every now and then, these songs accompanied me throughout the restless nights, whenever when i'm overloaded with stress.

How can I go on alone?

::kuanru:: signing off

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